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NGO Registration

NGO(Non Governmental Organization) Is A Term That Has Become Widely Accepted As Referring To A Legally Constituted, Non-Governmental Organization Created By Natural Or Legal Persons With No Contribution Or Symbol Of Any Government. In The Cases In Which NGOs Are Funded Totally Or Partly By Governments, The NGO Maintains Its Non-Governmental Status And Excludes Government Representatives From Membership In The Organization

     In India Non Profit / Public Charitable Organisations Can Be Registered As Trusts, Societies, Or A Private Limited Non Profit Company, Under Section-25 Companies. Non-Profit Organisations In India (A) Exist Independently Of The State; (B) Are Self-Governed By A Board Of Trustees Or ‘Managing Committee’/ Governing Council, Comprising Individuals Who Generally Serve In A Fiduciary Capacity; (C) Produce Benefits For Others, Generally Outside The Membership Of The Organisation; And (D), Are ‘Non-Profit-Making’, In As Much As They Are Prohibited From Distributing A Monetary Residual To Their Own Members.

Types Of NGOs:

NGO Often Alternative Terms Are Used As For Example: Independent Sector, Volunteer Sector, Civil Society, Grassroots Organizations, Transnational Social Movement Organizations, Private Voluntary Organizations, Self-Help Organizations And Non-State Actors (Nsa's).

  • Cso,Short For Civil Society Organization
  • DoNGO: Donor Organized NGO
  • ENGO: Short For Environmental NGO
  • GoNGOsare Government-Operated NGOs, Which May Have Been Set Up By Governments To Look Like NGOs In Order To Qualify For Outside Aid Or Promote The Interests Of The Government In Question
  • INGOstands For International NGO; Education Charter International Is An International NGO
  • QuaNGOs Are Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organizations, Such As The International Organization For Standardization(Iso).
  • TaNGO: Short For Technical Assistance NGO
  • Grassroots Support Organization
  • MaNGO: Short For Market Advocacy NGO

A Non Governmental Organization Is Perceived To Be A Body Of Individuals Or An Association Of Persons. An Association Of Persons With Non-Profit Motive May Be Registered Under Any Of The Following Indian Acts:

  • As A Charitable Trust.
  • As A Society Registered Under The Societies Registration Act.
  • As A Company Licensed Under Section 25 Of The Companies Act.

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